AS the borough continues to face restrictions of the third national lockdown, we have rounded up the latest case numbers to show how rates are improving in Bracknell Forest.

Public Health England breaks down the numbers of Covid-19 cases into neighbourhoods called 'Middle Super Output Areas' (MSOAs), which are smaller than council wards and based on population rather than geographical area.

The interactive map, which can be found online, allows users to type in their postcode and see how many cases were reported in their area and if it has increased or decreased from the week before.

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Case rates by colour on map

Case rates by colour on map

For the first time since the lockdown started, Bracknell Forest has reported it's lowest number of Covid-19 cases.

In the seven days up until Febrary 5, three Bracknell Forest areas have reported less than five coronavirus cases.

The areas on the map show as light green which means there is a low number of COVID cases.

Public Health England Covid map

Public Health England Covid map


In the seven days to February 5, Sandhurst reported four new cases, down by two from the previous week.

The rolling rate here is 59.0 - the lowest it has ever been.

Binfield & Popeswood

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In the past week, this area in Bracknell reported 5 new cases.

The difference is massive from last week as it's down by 26 coronavirus cases.

The rolling rate is 48.5.

Winkfield & Cranbourne

This area of Bracknell Forest has recorded the fewest Covid-19 cases in the past week.

The total in the seven days tFebruaryry 5 was 4 cases.

The rolling rate is 68.2.