Police are investigating a second sextortion in Ascot in the space of less than a week.

Thames Valley Polices' local neighbourhood team has received a report of a 'romance scam'.

A woman had been chatting to a man on a dating site, who she believed to be a doctor working for the United Nations (UN).

Police believe the person she was talking to may have been two men.

Over the course of several months, she believed they were getting in to deep and meaningful relationship.

Police revealed during their conversations, he asked her for money where she would sometimes send him hundreds at a time.

He claimed he needed it to pay a ransom to gain his freedom as he had been 'taken hostage'.

Bracknell News: Police issue scam warning Police issue scam warning

Thames Valley Police said: "The hostage story, is fairly common in these scams, as it means they can ask for much larger sums of money and play on the sympathy of the victim.

"The aggrieved has calculated that she has sent him, many, many thousands of pounds, since their first contact."

Payments to the scammer have been completed using Bitcoin as well as online gaming vouchers, which are untraceable transactions.

The woman contacted Thames Valley Police after realising she was victim to a romance scam.

A spokesman said: "Please pass this onto everyone you know. The victims are not always stupid to believe the stories they are being told.

"The scammers are really good to ‘groom’ and suck people in. Victims are both men and women, young and old. The giveaway immediately – is a request for any form of financial assistance."