A woman was scammed into sending a fraudster money following explicit calls online.

Ascot police officers have sent out a warning of another 'sextortion scam' following a report within the area.

Police said a woman who met a man on a dating site had started a series of calls.

They started chatting on the calls and the man started to become sexually explicit with what he would like to see her do.

Bracknell News:

The woman reported to police how she was coerced into being intimate and sending him money.

The man then demanded more intimate photos and when they were not intimate enough, he reportedly got angry and threatening.

Police said: "He then demanded a large sum of money in the form of crypto currency – which she sent.

"She has now blocked him, but has been left devastated and distraught."

As a result of the incident, officers are warning residents to never send money to a person you're chatting to online as it could be a scam.

They said: "If you are on a dating site and the other person quite early on asks for money, this is clearly a warning sign that all is not right and it may be a scam."

Residents are also being asked to never send photos or videos to anyone online where you wouldn't want your friends, relatives, employer or work colleagues seeing.