A HORRIFIC appeal has been shared by the RSPCA after a resident discovered ducks with their beaks and legs taped together.

Damian Hawkins who lives in Haversham Drive, Bracknell discovered the abused ducks on Thursday, January 21.

He said he had heard a 'quacking' sound outside his house which led him to the discovery of the injured ducks.

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Mr Hawkins said: " I followed the duck down to the garages where I saw another duck which I thought was injured. I later discovered he had box tape around his legs, we cut him free and captured him.

Bracknell News:

"The RSPCA went to the garages the next day and discovered another two dead ducks in bin bags.

"I felt awful that someone has done this, it's evil."

Two ducks were found near the garages and one of them had Sellotape wrapped tightly around its legs.

A ducks body was found in an alleyway behind the garages and a live duck was found in a nearby garden.

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Bracknell News:

Sandy Barlow RSPCA Inspector who is investigating the incident, said: “We are keen to speak to anyone who has any information about who dumped these ducks and would urge people to contact us in complete confidence on 0300 123 8018.

“Two ducks were found in a garage area behind houses by a member of the public. On inspection he found one duck with Sellotape wrapped tightly around its legs which the member of public swiftly removed before calling us.

“Another duck’s body was also found in an alley behind garages and a live duck was found in a nearby garden.

“It’s so lucky that a member of the public spotted them and decided to investigate, otherwise they may have all sadly perished.

“To abandon any animal is shocking but to leave these birds with their beaks taped up is disgusting.”