One Covid hotspot area has been revealed in Bracknell with the highest number of confirmed cases.

An interactive map shows the seven–day rolling rate of new cases for the week ending January 27 in Bracknell Forest.

Seven–day rates are expressed per 100,000 population and are calculated by dividing the seven day count by the area population and multiplying by 100,000.

The data is updated every weekday, and the map shows the latest seven days for which complete data is available.

Public Health England has presented areas in different colours, based on their current weekly rate of infection with purple displaying a rate of above 400.

Only one area in Bracknell Forest is displaying as purple which means this neighbourhood is high risk.

Everywhere else on the map is showing as blue, which means Covid cases across the rest of Bracknell are much lower.

Great Hollands

This area in Bracknell Forest saw an increase of 6.5 per cent, with a total of 49 cases recorded last week.

The rolling rate here is 414.7 which is above the national average.

Cases have also increased by 3 from the previous week in comparison to Owlsmoor and Broadmoor which saw cases drop by 24.