POLICE have investigated claims after a customer accused a taxi driver of making sexually motivated comments.

The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, claims the taxi driver had asked her when she 'last had sex' and 'if she would have sex with him'.

She also claimed he shouted at her to 'get in the f****** car' but the woman said she refused and carried on walking.

She said: "It was a few trips we had with him but the one time where he shouted at me to get in the car was one morning. He was asking me when I last had sex. It happened near Great Holland shops."

The company - Radio Cars - refutes the claims, although confirmed the driver no longer works for the company for unrelated reasons.

Owner David Park said: "The Hackney Carriages officer and police looked into it and decided to drop any further investigation.

"The driver no longer works for us but that has nothing to do with what happened [the complaint].

"We have been operating for 50 years in Bracknell and I don't think we've had any inappropriate comments about the drivers from any customers."

A Thames Valley Police spokesman confirmed the complaint had been made and said they had spoken to the taxi driver following the incident.

Adding: "The matter has been resolved by the investigating officer who has spoken to the accused and given words of advice."