More than 5,000 residents have been jabbed against Covid-19 as one volunteer tells of the remarkable effort at Waitrose HQ's vaccine clinic.

Mark Sanders from Bracknell is among the 300-strong team of volunteers working alongside medical professionals to bring the Covid pandemic to an end, one jab at a time.

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Bracknell News:

If you are a patient at Great Hollands Practice, there is a good chance that you will receive the vaccination courtesy of the dedicated team.

Mr Sanders hopes all patients over 70 will receive their jab “within two to three weeks” at the vaccine site at Waitrose HQ Sports and Leisure Centre.

Mark has offered up his time to help deliver the vaccination programme through The Ark Trust, whilst working for the NHS three days a week.

He said: "Obviously we hope everyone over 18 gets vaccinated but how long that takes we don't know. For now, those who are extremely vulnerable are the priority and we hope to have the over 70s vaccinated within two to three weeks.

"We have 28 people a day on the site working as volunteers, this starts at the car park entrance, seeing the patient through to their vaccine appointment and then seeing them back to their cars. People have really stepped up and they are loving it, it's motivating for them as they see those who are clinically vulnerable leave their house for the first time since March."

Currently, 300 people in Bracknell are signed up to be a volunteer through The Ark Trust, whether that's helping administer vaccines or helping people who are shielding by walking their dogs.

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In terms of the Covid-19 vaccine, Mr Sanders believes Bracknell is "well on course" to see their most vulnerable residents vaccinated.

He said: "The current plan is for people housebound to be vaccinated and there is enough supply of the Oxford vaccine for the district nurses and GP's to do that. It just takes a bit more time in terms of planning because there is an issue with the freezer situation with the Pfizer vaccine, so it has taken longer to get those people vaccinated.

"But we now have over 5,000 people vaccinated and climbing. The feedback has been really positive from residents in the community."