FREE puppy training is being offered to families who have bought a four-legged friend during lockdown.

Di Martin, Bracknell dog trainer and owner of Click-2-Heel, is wanting to help new owners struggling to train their pups.

The classes will be held for free on Facebook Live called 'Puppy Training with Di', where she hopes to help thousands of people who have purchased a puppy during the pandemic.

Lockdown has seen a surge in puppies being bought as more people work from home.

Di said: “Having a puppy in the house during lockdown whilst trying to home school or work can be overwhelming and challenging for families.

"With people increasingly feeling the strain of the pandemic, my ‘Puppy Training with Di’ Facebook Lives will be a chance to participate in short sessions designed to be fun and beneficial for both owner and puppy.

“My aim is for people to become proactive trainers and set their puppies up for success by building a positive relationship. Puppies are like sponges so it is essential to establish the right foundations from early on. I will help people gain knowledge, develop practical skills, put positive changes in place and teach puppy what they want them to do.”

The Bracknell based dog trainer will be holding Facebook Live puppy classes every week day lunchtime from 12.15pm to 12.30pm from February 1.

Residents will benefit from this for three weeks with Friday's dedicated to questions and answers.

Di will cover a range of subjects including crate training, confidence building, implementing a consistent communication process, basic handling, kitchen manners, leadwork and recall.

In 2019, Di launched an Online Puppy Training Course which took a total of 18 months to develop.

Designed to be a complete guide to good management practices and essential early learning, the well proven course helps owners to develop a relationship with their dogs based on trust and understanding.

Visit: to join.