A VIDEO posted by the council showing the recyclable items thrown away in green non-recycling bins has sparked a resident backlash on social media.

In preparation for controversial bin changes set to start in the coming weeks, the authority set out which items could go in blue recycling bins or new food waste bins.

With the introduction of a weekly food waste collection from March 1, green non-recycling bins will now be emptied every three weeks instead of every two weeks.

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A video posted by the council showed environment boss Cllr Dorothy Hayes placing recyclable items which are typically thrown away in green bins in an average fortnight onto blue tarpaulin.

This included plastics, paper and cardboard, foil and tins and food waste. At the end of the video, Cllr Hayes says: “Please help us recycle better.”

Accompanying the video was a claim from Bracknell Forest Council that “recent analysis of waste collected from Bracknell Forest in 2020 showed over 60 per cent of green bin waste could be recycled, either in blue bins, food waste or local recycling banks.”

But this comment prompted an angry reaction from some residents concerned about the changes to the green bin timetable, with one suggesting the analysis was “flawed”.

Taking to Twitter, ‘Bracknell Bloke’ said: “This is flawed from the start. My household does not waste food and our green bin is full for the two-weekly collections. No idea how we will last an extra week.”

Another, Shawn Hearn, posted: “Maybe come and look at the bins we have available? Recycling fills up quickly so green bins take it (and then overflow).

“Not convinced that your test is as accurate as you make it.”

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Paul Havers added: “Your research is rubbish, moving green bins to three-weekly slots is ludicrous and will cause problems.

“Come summer there will be maggots and flies everywhere and of course the local wildlife will love this not to mention vermin getting into houses, you really haven’t thought this out properly.”

Bracknell Forest Council’s video was caveated by another comment.

It read: “We understand everyone’s situation is different and there are some brilliant recyclers across our borough.

“Our waste and recycling team is on hand to support those who genuinely need additional waste capacity.”

A link was provided directing residents to a webpage where they can apply for extra waste capacity, advice or support with the food waste scheme.

The link can be found here:

The new weekly food waste collection service begins on Monday, March 1.

Residents can expect to see two caddies, caddy liners and an information package delivered to their door from between January 25 and February 26.

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By recycling food waste, BFC hopes to reduce the amount of waste it sends to landfill by 50 per cent — a move it says will contribute to its goal of tackling climate change.

The introduction of the new service means green non-recycling bins will be collected every three weeks rather than every fortnight from March 1.

This move, which will be introduced in order to offset the cost of the new food waste bins, has proved controversial over the past year with more than 3,000 people signing a petition against the changes.