A man exempt from wearing face masks due to his disability was told to leave the Morrisons store.

The 38-year-old resident, who wishes to be anonymous, is wanting to people to be made aware of their legal rights during the lockdown restrictions.

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On Tuesday, January 12, the shopper was reportedly stopped by a security guard at Bracknell Morrisons.

Although the resident is exempt from wearing a face mask due to his asthma and poor mental health, the guard challenged him for not wearing one.

Solicitors Leigh Day, who are representing the disabled man, said he explained why he doesn't have to wear a mask to the security guard and tried to show the guard screenshots of the legislation on his phone.

However the guard reportedly dismissed this and said the gov.uk website was ‘fake news’.

The shopper made his way into the store but was sent out by the duty manager.

He said: “The security guard said I had made up the information I tried to give him about the law which says that disabled people have rights and should be protected.

“I don’t want other disabled people and people who can’t wear a mask because of breathing difficulties or because of the danger of a panic attack to live in fear and be fearful of going to the supermarket.”

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Ryan Bradshaw, Leigh Day solicitor, said: “The Equality Act protects the rights of disabled people who want to use shops but are unable to wear a mask. Given that the government’s own guidance provides exemptions from the requirement to wear a mask, a blanket ban on people without masks entering shops is likely to be illegal and unenforceable.

“We are calling on all shops to review their policies and ensure that those with disabilities are able to access their premises in a manner that minimises the risk to them, other shoppers and their staff.”

Morrisons issued a statement on their face mask policy amid the rise in coronavirus infections.

They said they had "introduced and consistently maintained thorough and robust safety measures in all our stores" since the start of the pandemic.

But it said: "From today we are further strengthening our policy on masks."

The supermarket has been contacted for further comment.