A daughter has praised NHS staff for letting her dad touch his wife's hand as she battles Covid-19 on a ventilator.

Chloe Jarrett publicly thanked the "compassionate" staff at Frimley Park hospital for allowing her parents, Gerry and Barbara Jarrett, to share a precious moment together.

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Human touch seems like a distant memory as were are told to stay two metres apart from one another to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

The thought of never getting to say goodbye was all to unbearable for Chloe and her dad Gerry, who is also under care at the hospital, so the NHS made it possible for this moment to happen.

Bracknell News:

Chloe said: "The day after that photo was taken mum took a turn and another Dr felt it was best dad come and see her again.

"Once again time was taken to ensure mum and dad, who’ve been together 50 years, got to say goodbye. Mum was dosed to the hilt, and had been asleep for hours with no rousing her. I was devastated to think I hadn’t said a proper goodbye.


"Dad was brought in and he touched her hand. Her eyes flew open! She was awake and bright and able to talk. We had the most precious extra hour or two together before her breathing began to worsen again. It was miraculous and invaluable. It shows how powerful love and the human touch is and the staff at Frimley Park Hospital and all over the NHS know this."

Chloe has also spoken out about the pressures NHS staff have faced at Frimley Park Hospital as coronavirus cases continue to rise.

As she sits by her mother's hospital bed, she has witnessed a number of staff and doctors pulling "unexpected double shifts", putting all of their plans on standby to help their colleagues on the wards.

She said: "Despite being faced daily with negative press; budget cuts and single handedly holding back a pandemic, the staff STILL took the time and had the compassion to create that moment for us, and I will forever be thankful.

"This week I have seen staff numbers dwindle and many nurses and Drs pulling unexpected double shifts. No complaints they just, to us, continue with care and compassion.

"I spoke to nurses who had planned to leave nursing or change jobs, to spend time with family or pursue new adventures, all of whom couldn’t ignore the call for help, and put their plans on standby to come back and help. All of this, while putting themselves in danger.

"We need everyone to acknowledge the seriousness of the virus; to follow the rules; to protect the NHS; and to save lives. My family has been devastated by Covid, it could just as easily be yours. Don’t let it be."