A 105-year-old woman who was one of the first Bracknell residents to receive the Covid vaccine feels "distraught" after being turned away for her second jab.

Margaret Schaap from Sandhurst spoke of her heartfelt thanks to the NHS when she was injected with the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine on December 22.

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However yesterday (January 12), the elderly resident returned to the Waitrose Covid-19 clinic to get her second dose when she was 'unexpectedly turned away'.

Her daughter Sue said: "3 weeks ago, Margaret (my mother), aged 105, was one of the first people in Bracknell Forest vaccinated against Covid-19.

"Today I've taken her to get her 2nd vaccination, as per the appointment booked at the time, and she was turned away. She was not notified not to come.

"She is so distraught. This is quite the opposite story to the one from 3 weeks ago!"

Ms Schaap's daughter said she is "furious" with whoever made the decision to delay giving the second Pfizer dose.

She also fears her mum will become seriously ill as "she should have been protected".

Sue: "I am furious! Not with our local NHS or vaccination centres, but with the people above who make these decisions. Pfizer specifically say they cannot guarantee the efficacy of the vaccine if the schedule of 1 dose then the 2nd 3 weeks later is not adhered to."

We asked East Berkshire Clinical Commissioning Group, who oversee Berkshire Primary Care, the group administering the vaccine at Waitrose HQ, why Margaret's second vaccine was delayed.

They said: "We are aware of an instance where a patient recently attended the Waitrose site for their second jab having not been contacted to re-schedule their appointment and we would like to extend our apologies for any inconvenience caused. Berkshire Primary Care have since been in touch with the family to explain the reasons behind the change and to apologise for the error.

"The changes have been backed by the four UK Chief Medical Officers (CMOs) who have said that ‘Prioritising the first doses of vaccine for as many people as possible on the priority list will protect the greatest number of at risk people overall in the shortest possible time and will have the greatest impact on reducing mortality, severe disease and hospitalisations and in protecting the NHS and equivalent health services.

"The re-scheduling of appointments for residents aged 80 and over to receive their second dose of the Covid vaccine has been taking place locally in line with these national changes.

"Two doses of the vaccine are still needed to get the best protection from the virus."