The battle for a boy to get "one last chance" at brain tumour treatment has reached the £100,000 mark – but there's still a long way to go.

Justin Treharne from Owlsmoor set up a fundraising page for his son 16-year-old son Ethan who was diagnosed with a brain tumour last year.

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His dad Justin explained on the page how his son had started suffering from slurred speech and minor headaches when he was at school on Wednesday, October 2.

After a CT scan at Frimley Park Hospital, a phone call from the neurologist confirmed Ethan had a 4cm brain tumour.

Last time Justin spoke to the News, the fundraising page had raised £65,000 and he thanked the thousands of people who have donated to Ethan.

As of Wednesday, January 13, the family have raised a massive £100,164 out of their £150k goal.

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Justin said: "The 100k mark seemed unachievable in a week or even a month, we are completely overwhelmed by the kindness of family, friends and complete strangers. 

"How do you thank them individually, I guess the act of giving is enough for these people to feel they have contributed to the health and wellbeing of Ethan."

Ethan's parents are determined to raise £150,000 which will allow Ethan to get the brain tumour treatment abroad in Cologne, which offers DCVax treatment.

Visit: to donate the page.