A landlord and landlady who transformed the Prince of Wales pub are stepping down from their roles.

The Prince of Wales Pub and Thai Restaurant in Bracknell has been run by James and his wife Lucy, for the last three-and-a-half years.

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The Greene King pub, of which James and Lucy were tenants, also runs an authentic Thai restaurant which has had fantastic reviews within the Bracknell community.

As a mutual decision, the pair have decided to say goodbye to the pub and the owners of the Thai restaurant will be taking over from them.

James said: "Our personal circumstances have changed and after the first lockdown, we reevaluated life a little bit more. Running a pub is not a job, it’s a lifestyle - you miss special celebrations and family time, and lockdown made us realise this even more. It made us realise what is important to us.

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"We've done a lot to the place and we’re thrilled with what we’ve achieved there. We’ve even had a lot of support from the Mayor in the last year. The pub really is going from strength to strength."

“The Thai restaurant has done so well and the chef is incredible. He is very special and we're massively happy they're taking the pub on.”

Covid-19 also played a small part in the husband and wife's decision to step down.

James believes that all pubs have massively suffered during the pandemic and in his eyes they're 'safer than supermarkets'.

He said: "Covid was a small factor and being closed in the first lockdown was hard. My biggest problem is that I felt most pubs were COVID safe and the precautions in place were much safer than supermarkets, but we kept getting closed down all the time or put under very tight restrictions.

"It doesn't make sense to me at all and the government support has been lacklustre. The times we've been closed is just a tragedy really. But the place will definitely remain open and we will help get the new tenants up and running."