The council are considering stepping up Covid measures after a woman saw shoppers not wearing face masks.

Bracknell Forest's infection rate remains high at 698.5 per 100,000 people as the new coronavirus variant continues to spread.

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ONS map shows location of every coronavirus death in Bracknell Forest

With infection rates soaring at an alarming rate, the authority has implemented measures to curb the spread of Covid-19.

However one resident spoke to the News last week claiming a group of shoppers were flouting the rules by not wearing face coverings.

The woman was outside the chemist in Great Hollands Shopping Centre when she saw a group of people stood 'chatting to one another'.

She said "I've had Covid and nearly died in March. I've lost friends to it and know nurses that are on their knees trying to fight it going home crying every night.

"Why are there so many people out there. Standing and chatting with no face masks on. The shopping areas was packed. Have they missed the fact we're in lockdown? Absolute madness."

Bracknell Forest Council have said they will consider stepping up measures in Great Hollands to ensure people are sticking the social distancing rules.

Councillor Marc Brunel-Walker, Executive Member of Economic Development and Regeneration said: “Infection rates in Bracknell Forest remain extremely high and so, in line with Government instructions, we’d like to reiterate that residents must stay at home and only make essential shopping trips.

"We will pass this information on to our COVID ambassador team so that they can consider visits to Great Hollands. As a community, we need to work together to protect our loved ones, reduce the pressure in the NHS and save lives.”