More and more people are considering new places to move to and with Bracknell among the best places to live, we asked readers why this is the case.

Bracknell Forest is full of green spaces, forests, walks and it's historic arts centre and a hub for tech giants and companies in it's very own 'Silicon Valley'.

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The community feel of the borough is also very strong, with the pandemic proving how selfless and caring residents are towards one another.

We asked our News readers what they love the most about Bracknell Forest and why it is nice place to visit.

The stories and thoughts you have shared have been wonderful!

One mother said Bracknell gave her her life back.

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Sarah Gwilliam said: "I will never have a bad word to say about Bracknell it gave me my life back.

"I moved here from a refuge with my little boy I had no connections but managed to get a flat because of the military covinent ( excuse my spelling not sure how to spell that last word )

"I was a broken women coming here and if it wasn’t for the children’s centres here and Berkshire women aid giving me the opportunity to do courses I don’t know where I would be.

"I could literally bang on even more but without Bracknell and the support I received I don’t know where I would of ended up.

"I will always say Bracknell is the place where I got my life and freedom back. This place will always hold a special place in my heart and it will always be apart of my story."

Many residents were happy to show how the town helped them be who they are today.

John Fareham said: "Bracknell made me. Go for it attitude, three town centres in my lifetime, close to London but great in itself, and the epicentre of other great places to visit. Above it all though Bracknell is solid and dependable, it stands for something and reinvents when it needs to. Work is rewarded, play enabled. Happiest times of my life. "

Others simply noted how green the borough is with plenty of walking beauty spots and forests to explore.

Amira Sagher said: "It’s greener than London!" whilst Debbie Lindsey added: "We are lucky to have so many parks and green spaces." Suzanne Botley said: "Great community, lots of friendly neighbours and open spaces for the children. Safe walkways and cycle paths, lots of local shops and community centres. Good schools, a great town centre, sports facilities and easy to commute from. Really has something for everyone!"

Places like South Hill Park have become a 'second home' to some residents, with locals calling for people to support the arts.

Jenny Brown said: "South Hill Park is Bracknell's own treasure chest. Beautiful house and grounds to explore with the family. Lots of classes and activities. A thriving community theatre in the Wilde. My second home and I love it. Bracknell is thriving and has a great deal to offer every generation. Great place to live and flourish I reckon."

Cat Owens echoed this and said: "South Hill Park is by far and away the biggest asset that this town has. #savethearts"