WOKINGHAM MP John Redwood has accepted the result of the US presidential election, claiming Donald Trump has “failed to sustain a case of electoral fraud or miscounting”.

In November, the Conservative MP said he held off on congratulating Joe Biden on his victory because Mr Trump’s lawyers claimed they had “good evidence” of election fraud and he wanted to “pause as these issues develop”.

But he changed his position the day after pro-Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building in Washington on Wednesday, January 6, when Biden’s victory was being certified by lawmakers.

In a statement on his website, Mr Redwood said: “President Trump has failed to sustain a case of electoral fraud or miscounting.

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“He was wrong to encourage protests on the day Congress met to ratify the result of the Electoral College votes.”

Senior Democrats in America have been calling for Mr Trump to be removed from office or impeached, claiming he incited a riot at the Capitol building by encouraging his supporters to fight against the election result.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said the president was “completely wrong” to cast doubt on the result of the election and Home Secretary Priti Patel claimed his comments “directly led to the violence”.

Five people died, 56 police officers were injured and two pipe bombs and six firearms were found after protesters stormed the building.

Washington’s Metropolitan Police Department has made more than 65 arrests so far and officers are still trying to track down other suspects.

Mr Biden’s victory was certified by Congress after the protesters were removed and he will be sworn into office on January 20.

Mr Trump has said there will be “an orderly transition” even though he “totally disagrees with the outcome of the election”.