All of the crimes reported in November have been revealed by Thames Valley Police.

According to the most recent data there were a total of 700 crimes reported in Bracknell Forest during November 2020.

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This crime map of Bracknell Forest shows you what crimes were reported on every street along with each outcome.

The data includes Bracknell town centre, Crowthorne, Sandhurst, Bullbrook, Priestwood, Great Hollands, Wildridings, Martins Heron, Warfield, Crown Wood, Binfield, Popeswood, Ringwood Easthampstead, Jennett's Park and Birch Hill.

Simply type your address into this map to see what crime were reported on your road:

The most reported crime by a long way was violence and sexual behaviour which saw 237 reports across Bracknell in November.

The second highest crime recorded was criminal damage and arson, which saw 67 reports in that month.

According to the data there were 45 reports of vehicle crime, which is legally defined as theft of a motor vehicle or interference with a motor vehicle.

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