WARNING: This is not a direct opinion of the Bracknell News and definitely not how we would describe this lovely area in Bracknell Forest

A satirical website has published an article about Sandhurst slating it for being 'boring'.

The story published anonymously on the website I Live Here slams the area in Bracknell Forest for being dull.

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It also mentions how although 'Sandhurst is a pleasant place to live', there really is 'nothing to do'.

The article criticises the Memorial Park for how muddy the ground gets and the vast amount of litter left by youngsters.

Please be advised the below in quotes is what the website says about Sandhurst

It reads: "I have lived here for 10 years and on the whole it is a pleasant place to live. I have never felt threatened when out on the streets at night and, as I am a runner I am out on the streets a lot. The shops in the high street are OK and there’s not much litter but unless you are out to get your nails done, buy charity clothes or you want to risk spending the next couple of days on the loo spewing from both ends and buy a kebab (this shop has 0 stars on the Food Standards Authority’s hygiene scores!) then there is not much to do.

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"The local youth, the bane of most people around the country, seems pretty harmless, but then there is nothing to do.. really nothing. If you are a teenager other than sit around and chat to your mates on street corners or in the Snaprails Park underpass. I’ve run past these kids loads of times and they just about manage to cheer me on with a “keep running mate!” – but then they are just so stoned, the poor dears.

Key points from the article:

  • Dodgy kebab shops
  • Unkept Memorial Park
  • Endless amount of litter
  • Lack of good shops

The article added: "The main Memorial Park is a good hang out place and looks tidy most of the year as the ground is so waterlogged and muddy nobody can sit down, but when the sun is out, all the local kids descend on the place to picnic and mark their territory with vast amounts of litter all over the football pitches. On the rare occasions when the park-keepers haven’t cleared up all the trash by the next day I have even heard kids complaining about them not doing their job properly!"

Do you think Sandhurst is a boring area? Let us know your thoughts.