Almost 1,000 people in Bracknell have been vaccinated against Covid-19 in just two days.

Bracknell's MP James Sunderland has praised the "first class" delivery of the vaccine as 975 coronavirus jabs were given to residents on earlier this week.

The borough's vaccine clinic went live in Waitrose HQ's Sports and Leisure Centre on December 22 with the help of Bracknell and Ascot health services.

Bracknell News:

The conservative MP thanked Waitrose, East Berkshire Clinical Commissioning Group, DHSE and NHS staff for their efforts in the delivery of the vaccine.

He said: "What has been achieved here is absolutely first class. We've got nhs staff, doctors nurses. We've got so many people coming in for the first time having left their home in 9 months.

"Real emotion given their first jab today, it's incredible to see. 975 jabs administered today and yesterday, thank you to Waitrose, to the East Berks CCG, DHSE, NHS staff this is just amazing, thank you."

In light of the vaccine clinic launching, Bracknell Forest executive managing director and Covid-19 vaccinator Fiona Slevin Brown said: "This really is a momentous milestone and I am grateful to everyone who has been involved in getting today’s clinic up and running, particularly our three Primary Care Networks (PCNs) and Berkshire Primary Care who I know have being working tirelessly to ensure the safe delivery of the vaccine."

There are also plans for the vaccination process to cover wider areas and groups including care homes in the coming weeks.

Health professionals urged people not to contact the NHS to arrange an appointment but to wait for an invite. The process is expected to take several months to complete as the UK's largest ever vaccination programme.