A PIECE of Hollywood could be coming to the Royal Borough if planning officers give the go-ahead.

An application to temporarily build a “London Square” set at Sunninghill Park for the filming of a television series for a US production company has been submitted.

If approved, the strip of land would be used to shoot season two of the Netflix show Bridgerton, a period-drama featuring Julie Andrews, Ben Miller, Jonathan Bailey, and more.

The proposed set will be constructed to have the appearance of buildings around a square, in the centre of which will lie an ‘arcade’.

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Bracknell News:

The set will cover an area of approximately two hectares, and it will be used for five-years, although it is “anticipated” filming will only take place between six and eight weeks each year.

In addition to the film set – which will remain on site for the whole five-year period – a unit base, including a portacabin office, toilet facilities, storage, and more, and a parking area on filming weeks will be created on adjacent areas.

If permission is granted, filming could begin by late spring 2021. It would then take place each year, probably during the summer months, according to the statement.

Cast and crew members will gain access to the site via three access points, including Watersplash Lane, Sunninghill Road, or a track from the Royal Ascot gold club.

On completion of filming, all temporary structures will be removed from the site, with the applicants saying they will return all land to its original state.

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The set would be built on the green belt, but the applicants believe a case for “very special circumstances” can be made to justify the approval of the application.

They say the temporary five-year use and reinstating the land to its original state outweighs this impact as well as the “economic benefits” to local businesses from cast and crew members.

The applicants stated: “As the economic benefits of granting permission for the temporary use of this land for film making would clearly outweigh the harm by reason of inappropriateness and other limited harm to openness identified; we consider that this amounts to the very special circumstances necessary to justify ‘inappropriate’ development in the area.”

This is the second application to be submitted after the previous one – which was submitted in October this year – was withdrawn following “confusion” from residents.

Bracknell News:

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However, a few members of the public objected to the plans.

One community objector questioned why the applicants have to disturb wildlife with the creation of a “London square” where there are other more suitable brownfield sites that could “benefit” the proposal.

They also said: “The local community use the area for local walks and children play in the woods. The level of traffic during construction and proposed during filming will make this unsafe.

“Also, with a massive influx of unknown people into the area, the freedom of many children allowed to play unsupervised in the woods will be curtailed.”

Others did not buy the “very special circumstances” argument, saying the economic benefit is “little” and will add more to the already congested roads.

Another objector said the set will be an “ugly eyesore”, where it would be “completely out of character in an area of outstanding tranquillity and natural beauty disturbing the wildlife and fauna and flora”.