THE next steps in a parish council’s plan to build a £700,000 pavilion are set to be taken tonight.

Winkfield Parish Council is set to review quotations received by quantity surveyors for a project to replace Locks Ride Pavilion at the recreation ground on Winkfield Row.

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Councillors will discuss costs for the 1960s-era-building at a behind-closed-doors meeting this evening (Tuesday, December 22), which has been shut off to the public due to disclosure of commercially sensitive information.

The existing pavilion started to show signs of subsidence two years ago and it was noted works to the building would be required, with £200,000 set aside to carry out repair works.

However, addressing the problem could now cost around £700,000, according to a spokesperson from WPC, as the pavilion needs to be replaced instead of repaired.

They told the News: “Since [two years ago], a surveyor has been engaged to survey the building and install crack monitors.

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“The report from the surveyor identified that damage caused by the subsidence was such that repair work would not be cost-effective.

“Earlier this year the surveyor identified that the building was not fit to be used and it was subsequently closed for all use.

“The Council has now begun looking at replacing the building.

“A number of potential designs and locations have been discussed but as yet no decisions have been made.

“Since receiving the surveyor report and the subsequent investigations into the cost of rebuilding, it has been identified that costs will be substantial and current indications are this could be in the region of £700,000, depending on the size and location, which have yet to be determined by Council.”

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The council will review quotations received for the quantity surveyor’s services and all decisions will be published in council minutes following this evening’s meeting.

WPC is not yet at the stage of going to tender for the building works but “will be following the required procedure of advertising the opportunity through the relevant channels and in line with financial regulations”, the spokesperson added.

Locks Ride pavilion is a small sports pavilion which was used by resident football and cricket teams.

The pavilion building consists of a small meeting room with two sports changing rooms with a toilet and a kitchenette.