Plans to build on an unused field have been revealed after hoarding closed off the site earlier this year.

Applicants Danescroft have submitted proposals to build a 70-bed care home and 55 new homes on land north of Cain Road in Binfield.

Bracknell News:

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The care home would come with a garden, parking and dedicated access off Turnpike Road, whereas the 55 new homes would be accessible via Cain Road.

Of the new homes, seven would be one-bedroom, 13 would be two-bedroom, 28 would be three-bedroom, and another seven would be four-bedroom.

Bracknell News:

Developers are hoping to make all the one-bedroom homes affordable, as well as five two-bedroom and two three-bedroom homes, a total of 25 per cent.

The care home and some of the homes at the south end of the site would be up to three-storeys high.

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The site is included in Bracknell Forest Council’s site allocations plan under spaces identified for potential housebuilding, with a capacity for up to 75 homes.

Bracknell News:

Danescroft say the housing will help deliver Bracknell Forest’s requirement to build around 500 homes a year.

The developers claim the care home is needed as there is a shortfall of almost 300-bed spaces in the catchment area, according to Danescroft.

A tree survey carried out by the applicants confirmed no existing trees will be removed from the site.

Bracknell News:

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A statement from the developers read: “It is contended that the development makes efficient use of an allocated site for housing in an accessible location whilst also facilitating the delivery of a much-need open market housing, affordable housing and a care home.

“It is contended that any perceived negative attributes associated with the proposal, are outweighed by the benefits arising from the same.”

Bracknell News:

Bracknell Forest Council has not received any comments from neighbours so far.

The application is currently pending consideration from the council having been validated last month.