The final figure raised from a school's Christmas tree sale has been revealed.

Mum Laura Burt from South Ascot came up with an ingenuous way to raise funds for her daughter's school after their Christmas fair was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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In a bid to raise money for St Francis Catholic Primary School' new outdoor garden area, Laura decided to set up a Christmas tree fundraiser.

Laura said: "I came up with the idea as I thought how can we generate money because we don't have a Christmas fair this year.

"I found a company in Liphook who have a great initiative for all schools and we can sell the trees to the wider community at a reduced cost.

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"We felt this could be successful as people have to buy trees anyway so instead of going to the garden centre this way people can locally support us. It has snowballed and so far and we are close to 50 orders pretty much within a week of setting up the fundraiser."

Through the school's Christmas tree sale, they managed to raise more than £600.

They also sold 58 trees to residents in the community.

Laura said: "We had a fantastic response!"

Explaining why the outdoor area at the school needed to be improved, she said: "My daughter loves playing outside and it's a good way for the money to be spent as children needs to play and blow off steam.

"We love Christmas too and this year we were meant to go to Lapland UK but due to the lockdown we couldn't. It's been a naff year so to have something to look forward to like picking up a tree makes it magical. We are excited for it all!"