A Christmas theme park has shut down rumours they would be breaching Covid-19 restrictions this winter.

Lapland UK in Ascot has spoken out after concerns were raised that they would be allowing residents from Tier 3 areas into the park.

The children's winter-wonderland park is located in a Tier 2 area which restricts people from mixing with other households in an indoor setting.

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The government guidelines state people living in Tier 3 (high risk) are advised not to travel outside of their lockdown tier, and to avoid staying overnight in another part of the UK, unless it is for work, education or caring responsibilities.

This essentially means that Tier 3 customers of Lapland UK are not allowed to visit the park.

But residents in Ascot expressed concerns after Lapland UK customers said they would still travel to Ascot, despite coming from a Tier 3.

However, a spokesman for Lapland UK said the park is "not allowing Tier three to come."

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Alison and Mike Battle, co-founders of Lapland UK, said: "LaplandUK is committed to maintaining exemplary public safety, including often exceeding authority and industry standards.

"Communication to our customers continues to reflect the Government’s guidelines with the latest travel advice between tiers being ‘not advised’.

"We have contacted all visiting customers to request they make their own responsible individual choices within these guidelines.

"LaplandUK continues to offer families a full refund should they choose to cancel so as not to influence their decision making in any way."

One woman from Ascot said she feels frightened about people from high-risk areas spreading coronavirus to the local area.

She said anonymously: "I have seen on their website and other correspondence that people are still planning on travelling to the area, our area, to visit Lapland despite coming from tier 3 areas. They are planning on staying in local hotels and no doubt visiting shops and restaurants in the area. This is thousands of visitors over the coming weeks.

"I’m really frightened about what this would do to our rates here in Bracknell and push us into tier 3. Lapland are advising not to travel but still allowing it."