PRODUCERS’ plans to build a film set in the Ascot countryside for a new Netflix TV show will have to overcome local opposition if the proposals are to go ahead.

The makers of Bridgerton, a period drama based on the Regency era of London which will premiere on the streaming service this month, want to film later series on a piece of farmland at Sunninghill Park near Ascot on the edge of Bracknell Forest.

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A planning application has been submitted to turn this space into a film set which would resemble a London square and which would be used for up to eight weeks a year for the next five years.

But neighbours are not happy with the plan as the set would be built in the green belt, an area of open green space which is protected from building by local and national planning policies.

Bracknell News:

Sunninghill and Ascot Parish Council have asked for the plan to be refused because of its location.

In an objection letter, they wrote: “Development is in [the] Green Belt albeit “temporary” but this is for over 5 years.

“Any development in [the] green belt] is deemed “inappropriate” unless Very Special Circumstances are demonstrated.

Bracknell News:

“The benefits as proposed do not outweigh the detrimental aspects and as such the application must be refused.”

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Planning experts submitting the designs on behalf of the showrunners acknowledged the site’s green belt location and claimed the scheme would not harm the openness of the countryside.

Their design statement read: “The proposal would not result in encroachment into the countryside as the proposal would in part, sit on existing hardstanding when heavy storage buildings or vehicles are required, thus protecting the land within the Green belt and utilising existing land.

“The use will cease on completion of filming and the land cleared and reinstated to its original condition. Therefore, in the longer term, there will be no impact on the Green Belt, with the development completely reversible.”

Bracknell News:

Planit Consulting also claimed the proposal would bring economic benefits to the area as people working on the set will use local services.

But the Parish Council also had concerns about the impact the set would have on local bird and fish populations, disturbance to neighbours’ privacy and increased congestion on the roads.

And six residents have also objected to the plans with similar concerns.

Bracknell News:

One wrote: “Why here? The proposed film set does not require its surroundings to be woodland - it is a London square.

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“There are therefore other more suitable brownfield sites which are currently derelict and will benefit from some regeneration.”

As revealed by the News earlier this week, Drawings submitted as part of the plans show ‘Bridgerton House’ and ‘Featherington House’ flanking either side of the set design.

Although not directly confirmed in the planning documents, this detail indicates the series being filmed is Netflix period drama Bridgerton, which stars actors Julie Andrews, Ben Miller and Jonathan Bailey as members of the Bridgerton and Featherington families.

Bracknell News:

It has already wrapped on filming for its first season, which was shot in Bath and London and which premieres on Netflix next month.

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