SHINFIELD is the area of Wokingham that recorded the highest number of Covid-19 cases last week.

Public Health England has broken down the data to show the number of confirmed cases recorded in local neighbourhoods, which are known as Middle Super Output Areas (MSOAs).

The latest figures (published November 29) show more than 175 people tested positive for the virus across Wokingham, between November 17 and November 24.

During that seven-day period, 32 people tested positive in Shinfield. That's 15 more than the previous week.

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There were 16 confirmed cases in Earley, 14 in Arborfield Garrison and 14 in Lower Earley South.

Winnersh and Spencers Wood and Swallowfield both recorded 13 cases (26 total).

In Southlake, 12 people tested positive for Covid-19 and in Sonning and Woodley there were 10 confirmed cases.

Cases recorded in other areas of Wokingham:

  • Lower Earley North – 9
  • Woodley South – 9
  • Wokingham Town – 7
  • Crowthorne North – 6
  • Twyford West and Charvil – 5
  • Barkham and Woosehill – 5
  • Wokingham East – 4
  • Finchampstead – 4
  • Woodley East – 3

The other three areas of Wokingham (Twyford East and Wargrave, Wokingham West and South and Wokingham North and Hurst) each recorded less than three cases.

The government website states: “For smaller area with fewer than three cases, we do not show data. This is to protect individuals’ identities.”

The government has announced that Wokingham and every other area of Berkshire (except Slough) will be placed under Tier 2 restrictions when the four-week national lockdown ends of December 2.

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That means people from separated households will not be allowed to meet and socialise indoors.

However, Cllr John Halsall, leader of Wokingham Borough Council, believes the borough could return to Tier 1 (medium alert) when the tiers are reviewed on December 16.

At a recent council meeting, he said: “It is clearly disappointing to find ourselves in Tier 2 (high alert), but that is because the tiering is harsher than it was and we’ve been grouped with the rest of Berkshire, excluding Slough.

“Our policy is to ensure that as far as we are able to, we will return to Tier 1.

“We believe Tier 1 gives our businesses the best chance to recover and allows our residents to live as fuller life as possible.”