A window cleaner has stopped to spruce up a road sign in a bid to help motorists drive more safely.

Matthew Jarvis from Surrey uses his own brushes voluntarily to clean road signs on his routes to work.

After regularly passing the dirty road sign between Bracknell, Ascot and Surrey, he decided to pull up and wash away the dirt.

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Mr Jarvis said: "I drive pass that sign so often and you can hardly read it now. So I decided to clean it. I have cleaned a few signs in the last year, that one was unreadable in the dark, so I just wanted to clean it and help the community in a very small way.

"The reaction to my post on Facebook has been remarkable! Many positive comments of appreciation."

Bracknell News:

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The window cleaner shared his cleaning efforts on his local Facebook group and hundreds of residents praised his work.

One resident said: "Well done! If everyone did a little something like that every day then the world would be a better place for all."

Matthew said he only stops to clean the road signs if it's safe on the roads.

He also appreciates the work of the council and says he is happy to do this voluntarily.

Visit his window cleaning business here