'What do you like least about Mill Park?' – is one question the local town council wants residents to answer.

Bracknell Town Council is asking locals in the borough to answer a short survey about one of its parks.

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Residents can have their say by answering what they 'least like' about Mill Park.

Options on the survey include accessibility, the park, pond and wooden play equipment.

Bracknell residents can also tick whether they dislike the skate park, boardwalk, DJ booth or the green space as a whole.

With this, the town council hopes to make improvements based on what locals dislike the most about the park.

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A Bracknell Town Council Officer said: "Bracknell Town Council has formed the Mill Park Improvements Working Group and they are looking for honest feedback about Mill Park from the residents.

"This will enable the Working Group to make informed decisions about what improvements need to be discussed. The Chairman Councillor Malcolm Tullett is keen to get a varied and realistic view of how the residents feel."

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