"Let’s face it this hasn’t been a lockdown really" – this was the view of one resident regarding plans for relaxed Covid-19 restrictions during Christmas.

Prior to Boris Johnson's announcement about the government's plans, The News asked readers 'should Covid restrictions be relaxed for Christmas?' - a question which saw the majority of readers answering a resounding 'no'.

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In the responses, most said that social distancing and remaining within households should continue into the Christmas period, despite a call for families to be able to celebrate together.

Replying to our question, Graham Rikly said: "Once everyone had gone mad over the ‘Five Days of Christmas’ we’ll probably go into Lockdown 3.0 in January" and Kimberley Bryson added: "So basically essential shops are opening again. Let’s face it this hasn’t been a lockdown really."

Graham Morris added: "The tier we get put is irrelevant because most people will ignore it anyway."

Many residents seem excited for the second lockdown to end as it feels like getting back to some kind of 'normality'.

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Jody Carroll said: "Over the moon December is the busiest time of year businesses need to stay open."

Annelie Jane echoed this and said: "Love the people who say we must lockdown for 6 months, the ones that don't work, either get benefits or furlough money, people without mental health which has killed so many now, I don't own a business myself but feel so sorry for those who are worried if they will be able to afford bread for the week, seeing as the virus has such a hush survival rate, just be as careful as you can, don't party with 100 people but keep things as normal as possible."

Five-day relaxation

Bracknell News:

Prime Minister Boris Johnson updated the country today (November 26) regarding which areas of England will be placed in which tier ahead of the end of national lockdown on December 2.

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The UK government and the devolved administrations for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have agreed a limited relaxation of restrictions over Christmas.

Up to three households will be allowed to form a Christmas “bubble” over the festive period as coronavirus restrictions are relaxed for five days across the UK.

'A waste of precious time and precious resources'

Readers seemed to disagree with the government's decision, with many stating that the consequences would not be worth it.

Kevin Norman said: "What lockdown as most people has been going about there time as normal around here and everywhere i've been."

In light of the tier announcement, Angel Kay said: "I think it's crap and a waste of precious time and precious resources. Had a group of people that are enjoying being control freaks. And plus I do not understand it people have the right to live."

The temporary easing of measure will last between December 23 and December 27.

Despite families being able to mix at home, restrictive measures will still be in place in venues such as pubs or restaurants as dependant on the new tier system.