“Carry On” film star, Sid James, was mobbed by autograph hunters as he arrived to open the new ABC bingo hall in 1963, and as he struggled to get into the former Regal Cinema building, he had his tie ripped from his neck.

Jean Callaghan, of North Green, Bracknell, who stripped the comedy legend of his silk neckwear, was told that if he she gave it back, he would gladly sign it for her.

Another crowd, belonging to a local protest group, chanted that they wanted a new cinema and not another bingo hall.

When the Bracknell News explained the reason for the commotion Mr. James, he replied: “Well mate, if these kids had told their parents to go to the cinema more often, they wouldn’t have lost it, would they?”

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Meanwhile, inside the bingo hall, as police kept the protesters on the move outside, Miss Helen Beldham was first winner in a game ‘called’ by Sid James himself.

Six-year-old Janet Woolhouse, of Finchampstead Road, Wokingham, received an early Christmas present 57 years ago, when she scooped the first prize in a breakfast cereal competition.

Her brand-new bicycle was presented by the manager of Currys, Bracknell, after Janet had correctly placed some jigsaw pieces in the right order and tilted the picture to the right angle.

An eight-month-old English Setter called Suntop Seabird, owned by Mrs. M. Barnes of Nine Mile Ride, Wokingham, scooped first place in the ‘any variety puppy class’ at the Windsor Gun-dog Society’s autumn show in 1963.

Not only did Mrs. Barnes have two third places and a first place with her dog, Suntop Songfinch, at the Ascot show, but the same bitch was placed first in the junior class, and third in the post-graduate and open classes.

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Show secretary Mrs. Hill, told the News: “It was a very good show, although entries were down by 80 from the last show, it usually is because the dogs are working at this time of year.”

Pupils from Waverley School, Crowthorne, posed for the News photographer whilst rehearsing a scene from their Christmas production of “Rumple Stiltskin”.

The Old Queen was played by Christine Martin and the miller’s daughter by Claire Lawrence, with the principal part of Rumple Stiltskin was taken by Sian Williams.

A 500-year-old former greengrocer’s shop in Peach Street, Wokingham, that had become derelict after the death of its owners, was demolished 57 years ago.

Under the headline “An eyesore disappears” the former shop was pictured after Wokingham Town Council had started the demolition.