HEALTH bosses in Bracknell are urging people watch their weight and look after their health.

As the pandemic continues and Covid-19 cases are still rising Bracknell GPs have called out for better wellbeing in the town.

Obesity is top of the agenda, as well as other ways to move to a healthier lifestyle, and in turn better protect yourself against coronavirus.

Dr Martin Kittel, a local GP and the clinical lead for Bracknell Forest, said: "Covid-19 has certainly highlighted the ever-growing need for us all to live a healthier lifestyle.

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“Of course, some factors that affect the outcome cannot be influenced, such as age. However, weight is something that everyone can address as obesity is a big risk factor for suboptimal outcomes in Covid-19.

“Losing weight can be achieved through exercise, but first and foremost through healthy eating. Instead of refined and processed food, cook meals using fresh ingredients and eat your recommended five-a-day. Cutting out sugar will also help.

“Taking a vitamin D supplement is highly recommended, particularly for those shielding and unable to go outside. I recommend 25mcg per day over the winter months."

The plea comes as NHS commissioners, local GPS, and Bracknell Forest Council are supporting Self Care Week 2020 this week.

It also comes along with health officials urging people to get their flu jabs, especially those who have long-term health conditions.

Bracknell Forest Health and Wellbeing board chairman Dale Birch added: "Protecting our mental health is equally as important to our physical health, they often go hand in hand.

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“Feelings of low mood and anxiety may be more prominent with current national restrictions in place. If you are struggling with your mental health you must reach out to someone, whether it be a friend, family member or colleague, there is always someone who can help.

“It’s also important not to delay accessing health services if you have a concern for your mental or physical health as the NHS remains open. If you feel unwell and think you need medical attention visit NHS 111 online or call 111 for advice.”

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