The following cases were heard at Reading and Slough Magistrates’ Court:

September 23:

CHARLIE BAKER, 21, of Shepherds Lane, Bracknell, admitted possession of cannabis in Bracknell on May 7, 2020. Given a conditional discharge for 12 months. Also ordered to pay £22 victim surcharge and £85 court costs. 

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September 25:

JAMIE BENGER, 28, of Nine Mile Ride, Wokingham, admitted drug-driving on Finchampstead Road, Wokingham, on March 30. Found to have cannabis in his blood. Fined £120. Also ordered to pay £34 victim surcharge and £85 court costs. Disqualified from driving for 12 months. 

September 28: 

STEPHEN CARPENTER, 35, of Ashridge Road, Wokingham, admitted sending an offensive or obscene messages via numerous 999 calls in Wokingham on September 23. Also admitted persistently making use of a public communication network to cause annoyance or inconvenience or anxiety in Wokingham on September 23, and admitted obstructing or resisting a police constable in execution of duty in Wokingham on September 23. Also admitted assault by beating in Wokingham on September 16. Given a community order including a prohibited activity requirement banning him from making threats or derogatory comments towards a specific officer.

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