Readers have had their say on a new development which could see 420 new homes, shops and cafes built next to Bracknell Train Station.

Proposals appeared online to transform Bracknell Beeches Business Park, Old Bracknell Lane West into a gated development for residents to move into.

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Housing developers S2 Estates is wanting to build 420 "much needed" new homes for local people, including affordable homes.

Within this, they hope to provide office and flexible commercial space, suitable for shops, cafes and restaurants.

Old Bracknell Lane West has been identified as a suitable location for housing development in Bracknell Forest Council's site allocations local plan.

The plan says the area could see 230 new homes, which is nearly half of what S2 Estates is proposing.

Therefore, the authority may not automatically accept this forthcoming application from the developer. It will have to be judged and determined in accordance with the council's housing requirements.

Andrew Hunter, Director of Place, Planning and Regeneration, said: “The Bracknell Beeches site is allocated for sustainably located housing, which is close to the train station and town centre, in the council’s Site Allocations Local Plan.

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“No planning application has been submitted yet, but if and when one is submitted it will be determined on its merits and in line with relevant planning policies.”

We asked our readers what they thought of the new plans and the majority of responses were in favour of more housing being built in the town centre.

Here is what you said

Matthew Wilkes said: "If there is a need for housing in Bracknell and the council make sure that there is a high percentage of genuine affordable housing I can't see there is a problem.

"This is a brownfield redevelopment site, which is much better than building out on green belt land which they seem to do a lot round here."

Barbara McMinnies said: "Small shops with lower rents for the smaller shop keeper and shops people can afford to go in and buy from. I went into Fenwick hardly anyone in there, so expensive."

Douglas King added: "Yep...unlock and get the brickies in there"

However some residents are not so keen on the idea.

Beverley Walker said: "At this rate our 10 houses here will be dwarfed by flats. If the Ambulance and/or Fire stations moved or closed I expect developers would want that AND our houses too." Janine Swan echoed this view: "What for? Soon everyone will be unemployed & definitely won’t be able to afford to buy a home."