Residents have voiced their concerns over the death of a swan seen washed up on the island of Mill Pond.

Many Bracknell residents have responded to a social media about the death of a cygnet.

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It comes after a passerby spotted a dead cygnet in Mill Pond on Saturday, October 24.

Leading Berkshire Swan Rescue charity dealt with the incident once it was reported, removing the swan from the area and rescuing another swan which appeared to look 'unwell'.

Questions have been raised over how the swan died, with pollution cropping up as a possible reason.

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Wendy Hermon, treatment and rescue centre co-ordinator, said she doesn't know how the swan died.

She said: "We found one dead and found another which look ill. We're currently carrying out a post mortem and are waiting for a toxicology report.

"At the moment, the rest of the swans seem okay. Until we get the results back it could just be a coincidence but at this stage we just don't know what it is. It's quite sad really, people in Bracknell seem really caring - they're a great bunch of people."

Wendy cannot be certain what the cause of death is but hasn't ruled out the possibility of poisoning.

Councillor Malcolm Tullett Chairman of the Environmental Services Committee at Bracknell Town Council, said: “Bracknell Town Council were extremely saddened to hear the news about the Cygnets at Mill Pond. 

"At this time it is too soon to comment on the cause as we are currently awaiting the autopsy results.  BTC would like to thank Swan Life for their quick response”