A coffee shop has found a generous way to help those struggling with money during the coronavirus pandemic.

Den of Bracca in High Street, Bracknell are asking customers to pay for a coffee, tea or soup from their menu, write the item on a slip of paper, and attach it to the shop’s blackboard inside.

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Valentina Mircea, restaurant manager, said: "We brought 'Pay with a post-it” to Bracknell because we felt the need to connect the community. It’s not our idea but we embraced it fully and we commit to developing it further.

"There are so many covid-19 restrictions and guidance that separate us, we wanted to do something that united us and brought us and the Bracknell community closer.

"We started by offering 10 coffees and teas on the house as well as 5 soup of the day, to encourage people to practice kindness.

"We keep a record of all our post it’s on our Instagram account as well as pictures of people enjoying these post it’s. It’s all about giving back, just like our sign says “we are all in this together”.

The aim of the scheme is to give those who have lost their job or who are struggling for money the opportunity to have a treat in tough times.

Ms Mircea added: "We believe you have to lead by example.

"Kindness is one of the numerous things our world could benefit from having more of. It is regarded to be one of the seven virtues, which can’t be adopted, but should be cultivated through upbringing and education." 

The restaurant posted on social media encouraging people to come forward, they said: "Pay with a post it! Prepaid by a stranger to make your day better!

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"Enjoy a free coffee, tea or the soup of the day to keep your heart warm in times like these!

"Lost a job, doing it tough or just having a bad day, come in and pay with a post it. We're all in this together!"

The Pay with a post it scheme has also been praised by Editor of First News Nicky Cox MBE.

She said: "Loving this! Shout out to Den of Bracca in Bracknell".

The scheme made headlines in Australia when a cafe launched a pay with a post it method.

People with a little extra cash can pay for a Post-it, add a message and stick it to the board, while those who are struggling, take a note and use it to pay.