A disabled woman has criticised Covid measures at a shopping centre after a security guard reportedly hurled abuse at her.

The Bracknell resident who wishes to remain anonymous, contacted the News after her unpleasant experience in Princess Square yesterday (Sunday, October 25).

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She claims she couldn't get through the coronavirus one way system on the left hand side of the precinct because it was blocked by a security guard 'chatting away' with a member of public.

The woman who uses a mobility scooter resorted to using the right hand system to get past but in doing so, received 'abuse' from the guard.

She said: "He stood right in the middle talking to somebody without observing any social distancing. Since there was this huge space on the right side totally empty, I drove down that side. Immediately the guy started shouting at me that it was a one-way system.

"After posting a birthday card at the post office in WHSmith, I drove past this guy again. He was apparently waiting for me, so I told him what I thought of his previous behaviour that prompted me to take an easier, safer route.

"He started shouting and showed extremely intimidating behaviour by saying “well, I got you on camera”. Is this what we have to deal with now?"

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Town centre bosses have apologised to the customer and said they have their security team to practice safer social distancing measures.

Rob Morris, general manager at The Lexicon, said: “We are sorry that a shopper felt intimidated in any way while shopping at The Lexicon. To keep visitors as safe as possible, there is a one way system around Princess Square, which is a minimum of three metres wide and starts within the shopping centre.

"We understand that the one way channel was momentarily narrowed as a security guard answered a customer query, and while we ask visitors to be patient in these circumstances, we have also asked our security team to be extra conscious of keeping the one way lanes as clear as possible.”