A disgruntled resident has complained to a supermarket for 'years' after their delivery drivers kept damaging his gate.

Richard Ryan from Sandhurst wants Tesco to fix his lychgate properly after they adopted a "sticking plaster approach to the repairs."

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The complaints process began in 2018 when a delivery driver knocked into the gate and caused minor damage to it.

The gate was fully dismantled and repaired by Tesco’s insurer’s contractor.

However, last year, a similar accident happened where the delivery driver for Mr Ryan's neighbour knocked into his lychgate, got stuck and proceeded to damage it further by reversing out.

Richard said: "Tesco delivery drivers have a note on each delivery consignment instructing them not to drive under our gate. In June 2019 this was ignored and the driver was on his phone asking our neighbour for directions before slamming into it, getting stuck under it, continuing to drive under, turn around on our drive and go back under it again giving it another wallop on the way out for good measure.

"The claim was initially taken care of by the neighbour to whom they were delivering. However it became apparent in November that Tesco’s contractor was only prepared to adopt a sticking plaster approach to the repairs whereas the damage in my opinion was a bit more than that.

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"So I got involved as the Lych Gate is my property on our driveway over which our neighbour’s have access rights."

Tesco have said they have been speaking to Mr Ryan "for a number of months" and are in the process of arranging an indepedent surveyor to investigate the lychgate.

A Tesco spokesperson said: “We have undertaken work to repair a damaged gate following an accident involving a home delivery vehicle in 2018 and following the more recent incident continue to speak with Mr Ryan to resolve this as quickly as possible.”

But Richard has criticised the length of time it has taken for the gate to be properly repaired, totalling 16 months of a "huge trail of emails".

He even paid £450 for a private surveyor to give his opinion on the repairs.

He added: "Quite simply I want my Lych Gate repaired so that it doesn't have huge cracks in it's uprights which will allow access to the elements and thus reducing their longevity. Then the top replaced so that it isn't straining the uprights.

"The surveyor made it pretty clear in his report that the gate needs to be completely dismantled, the uprights replaced and then rebuilt. "Tesco’s vehicle has damaged my gate and Tesco have shown no inclination to assess the damage professionally nor repair it correctly.

"They have hardly covered themselves in glory with an extremely lackadaisical approach to the repairs as well as being extremely tardy."