FAMOUS faces from Bracknell are few and far between but you could soon be seeing much more of one of them.

That's because the council is looking to work with a 'local celebrity' to bolster its messaging around staying safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Bracknell Forest Council communications chief Alayna Razzell revealed the details at a meeting of the local outbreak engagement board yesterday (Thursday, October 22).

She said: "We've made provisional enquiries with a local celebrity.

"We think this person would resonate quite well with people we're trying to reach, such as young audiences.

"I'll provide more information on that at the next board if we're able to proceed with that."

According to a quick search online, famous faces from Bracknell and surrounding Berkshire towns include:

  • Tracy Beaker star Dani Harmer (from Bracknell)
  • Influencer and dancer Beckie Hughes (from Reading, but who Bracknell Forest follows on Instagram)
  • Hollywood star Nicholas Hoult
  • Professional football players Jake Cooper and Jack Stacey (from Bracknell)
  • Game of Thrones actor Natalie Dormer (from Reading)

BFC would not confirm who the celebrity in question is, but said talks were ongoing.

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Ms Razzell told councillors how else the authority was getting its coronavirus messaging out to the public.

So far, this has included more youth engagement by adding hard-hitting signage at Bracknell train station.

Bracknell Youth Council has been working with BFC to hand out masks and sanitiser at the same site.

Digital media adverts have been running across Spotify and Global Radio stations, too.

The Comms chief also said BFC was looking at using people who have had coronavirus or have been directly affected by it to tell their story and raise awareness of the dangers of the disease.

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Ms Razzell added: "We have contacted one person in the borough who might be willing to share their story with us.

"But actually finding those people is a real challenge and finding people who have been directly impacted to share their story is quite a challenge for us."

The Local Outbreak Engagement Board met on Thursday, October 22.