Police are already cracking down on e-scooters in Bracknell a week after it was claimed riders have “no respect for pedestrians”.

Residents who whizz along on the electronic scooters can now be seized and slapped with a public spaces protection order asking them to stop riding in busy places following concerns from the community.

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This claim was made by Alison O’Meara, Head of Community Safety in Bracknell, at a council meeting earlier this week.

She was responding to complaints from councillor Isabel Mattick, who said cyclists in the town centre were a “growing menace” as they are “going from side to side, totally on the wrong side of the street, they’re doing wheelies.”

The councillor added: “Now added to this you are getting the e-scooters which are even more dangerous.

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As such, officers have today seized an e-scooter after it was seen riding along the High Street in Bracknell town.

Police tweeted: "An electric scooter has been seized by the Bracknell Neighbourhood Town Centre team after it was ridden on the High Street, despite a Section 59 (Police Reform Act 2002) warning being issued to the rider last month."

Do you think e-scooters are a nuisance in the town?