Setting up a market has been a "bumpy ride" for one parish council, but in recent week's it has proven to be a great success.

Crowthorne Market has had trouble getting its feet off the ground, with an unreliable greengrocer leaving residents with empty baskets and a limited selection of stalls.

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Support for the local market was needed more than ever, especially with Covid-19 affecting many businesses leaving traders out of pocket.

But ever since the News showed its support for Crowthorne Market, produce has been 'flying off the shelves' with residents flocking to buy fresh bread, fruit, vegetables, fish and flowers.

The market has been totally "transformed" with the brilliant greengrocer Hardwicke’s pitching up their stalls every weekend bringing in footfall to the market.

One man, has also showed his commitment to Crowthorne by driving four hours from Grimsby to delivery fresh fish every Friday.

Guy Burnett, the 'Grimsby Fish Guy' said: "I decided to trade at Crowthorne as there was a demand for fresh fish which I believe is not widely available locally.

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"I have been trading on the market for a couple of weeks now and my stall has been hugely popular with local residents.

"It is really important for the local residents to shop local and on the market as if the demand isn’t there then I wouldn’t be able to come, it takes around four hours from Grimsby to Crowthrone.

"Covid has effected my business in the way that people are happier to shop outside on markets rather then inside at big crowded supermarkets. I also can offer a home delivery service for people who may be in isolation. I am worried for non essential business in this pandemic. I think working with fresh food I have been very lucky that the demand has increased for me."

Crowthorne's Parish Clerk Melanie Saville is still urging people to try and shop more locally and enjoy the tasty treats on offer every Friday and Sunday.

She said: "As you know the market had a bumpy ride to start off with after being let down by the greengrocer who had booked a pitch but then often did not turn up. This had led to bad publicity which we have worked hard to turn around.

"In September, the Parish Council sourced a regular and reliable traditional green grocer (Hardwicke’s) who have transformed the market. Not only have they brought footfall to the market for their high quality fruit, veg, eggs, honey and flowers but it has had a knock on effect on other stall too.

"We are now selling out our pitches and have had a firm commitment from a fishmonger to join the market every Friday too. He traded with us for the first time last Friday and had queue of people to buy his fish, fresh from Grimsby."

The market is open every Friday and Sunday from 9am to 2pm at the Morgan Recreation Car Park, Crowthorne.