The best supermarkets near Bracknell have been revealed, according to reviews from Airbnb hosts.

When visiting the area for a short break, we're always told about recommendations of where to go, shop and eat.

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But supermarkets are always factored into the equation.

Believe it or not, Airbnb hosts have actually ranked which supermarkets for residents in Bracknell and these ones are worth trekking to.

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1. Waitrose, Sunningdale

Bracknell News:

A massive four people have recommended this supermarket as the best place for shopping.

If you live in Bracknell, this place is worth driving to according to Airbnb hosts.

It is 'well stocked', next to the train station and has good parking too.

Trisha said: "Best Supermarket ever and collection for John Lewis orders."

2. Waitrose and Partners, The Lexicon

Bracknell News:

If you live near the town centre then it's worth popping to Waitrose according to reviews left by hosts.

It's big enough to stock everything you possible need and has good facilities.

Parking is convenient too.

3. Co-op, Crowthorne

Bracknell News:

This local little shop has everything you need and ranks pretty high in the best supermarkets list.

One resident said: "Affordable and convenient. A 10 minute walk, broken up perhaps by a stop at Costa coffee in the high street, or a choice of 3 smaller tea/coffee rooms."

4. Aldi, Birch Hill

Bracknell News:

Aldi in Birch Hill is a more affordable option and has everything you possibly need.

They also have saver events and an amazing middle aisle selling unique items, gadgets and toys.

One resident said: "Cheap grocery store. Nearby petrol station at Sainsburys."

5. Lidl, Crowthorne

Bracknell News:

Finally, the best rated supermarket in Bracknell Forest is Lidl.

It's always recommended by Airbnb hosts as a place to do your shopping and has a good car park too.

Where is your favourite place to shop?