POLICE are set to crack down on e-scooters in the town centre and in estates as it was claimed riders have “no respect for pedestrians”.

Users who zip along on the electronic scooters could be slapped with a public spaces protection order asking them to stop riding in busy places following concerns from the community.

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This claim was made by Alison O’Meara, Head of Community Safety in Bracknell, at a council meeting earlier this week.

She was responding to complaints from councillor Isabel Mattick, who said cyclists in the town centre were a “growing menace” as they are “going from side to side, totally on the wrong side of the street, they’re doing wheelies.”

The councillor added: “Now added to this you are getting the e-scooters which are even more dangerous.

“Can someone tell me please who is doing something to stop mostly young people cycling in places they shouldn’t be?”

Responding to this, Alison O’Meara said police are “actively looking” at issuing section 59 orders to people on e-scooters.

She added: “You’re right about e-scooters, we have seen more of those, I know that the town centre police team have been actively stopping e-scooter riders when they see them in the town centre.

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“I think the challenge with cycling and e-scooters in the town centre is you really do need someone almost stationed at every entrance to the town centre all day and in the evenings as well to make sure that doesn’t happen.

“You can’t stop every one.

“The Lexicon has been fantastic, they’ve put much clearer signage up but we’re still having some issues here and there with cyclists and e-scooters.

“With e-scooters I know that police are actively looking at issuing section 59 notices to people on e-scooters because you actually do need insurance and you do need a drivers licence and you do need a helmet.”

Cllr Mattick said cyclists and e-scooter users had “no respect for pedestrians whatsoever”, to which Ms O’Meara said this issue is something safety chiefs “need to do more on.”

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She also told councillors cycling had become a problem in the town centre since it was regenerated “for a number of reasons”.

One reason, Ms O’Meara claimed, was signage in the town centre was “confusing” and led to a “lack of understanding” about cycling rules in the town centre.

Councillors discussed the issue at a meeting on Tuesday, October 13.