An arts centre in Bracknell has seen lots of donations pour in from members of the community, but one man has something different in mind.

Bracknell resident Nikos Polydorou has a hobby of visiting Berkshire's beauty spots, going for long walks and snapping stunning shots of wildlife.

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The amateur photographer has captured the infamous deer in Windsor Great Park, to the buzzing bees in Virginia Water and some of Bracknell's best parks too.

Accumulating dozens of beautiful photos, Nikos decided to create calendars which local residents in the area can purchase.

However, with South Hill Park's (SHP) recent fundraising plea to raise £500,000 to prevent it from closing - Nikos decided to turn his hobby for good.

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He said: "I want to help SHP because they are part of our community; a historic Arts centre that thousands of people visit every year. Can you imagine if we lose them? They offer so much to our community, theatre, cinema, events and courses, how can this be replaced?

"It's imperative that we as a community do everything we can to stop this from happening."

Mr Polydorou is selling his SHP charity desk and wall calendars for £7.50 each.

So far, 500 people have shown an interest in buying one.

The sale of the calendars will directly go towards helping South Hill Park fundraising target.

"It would be great to raise awareness of this and hopefully bring in calendar sales.", He added.

To purchase a calendar you can visit Advantage PrintRoom,Horndean Rd, Bracknell RG12 0XQ or pop to South Hill Park.