Until recently, Eleanor Smith, 91, hadn't even heard of a Big Mac or McFlurry.

But now, the Wokingham resident is a huge fan after trying her first-ever McDonald's on Wednesday, October 14.

Sunrise of Sonning care home decided to take three residents on a socially distanced drive so they were able to see the outside world.

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Eleanor captured a historic moment trying her first-ever McDonald's food and she loved it.

In the photo, she is seen pictured with the iconic breakfast hashbrown.

She said: “I want to send a heartfelt thank you for the outing us three residents had in the car, it was so unexpected but at the same time, so welcome.

"To have this all capped by my first drive-thru visit to McDonald's and to taste their hash browns was entirely unexpected, thanks for the photo to mark this historic moment!

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“I have not been out into the big wide world since February! I am lucky at Sunrise of Sonning as I can move around and we have such a delightful garden which I visit most days so I can experience the fresh air and the trees and flowers. We now also have a place out there where I can sit and have a rest and take shelter if it starts to rain.

“However, to be driven along the roads and to see the outlying villages and so many people being sensible and enjoying themselves along the side of the Thames through walking, cycling, running and boating was a lift to the spirits."

Eleanor also summed up how she felt about the coronavirus lockdown.

She said: “I can’t help wondering how I would have survived all these months if I had still been living on my own, which I had done for 12 years.

"It is such a joy to be greeted by smiling faces each day and to know I can be helped over any hurdle.”