A 'frustrated' cyclist has called out owners who let their dogs off the lead in public spaces.

Michael Hiller from Bracknell believes mutts should be kept on leashes at all times as they can be a danger to cyclists.

The problem is particularly noticeable in Great Hollands, where people take "their dogs for walks off the lead".

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He said: "As a cyclist it is getting very much more frustrating the amount of people taking their dogs for walks off the lead.

"I thought the law is all dogs should be on a lead in public places. I have nearly hit several dogs who come charging at the bike because of me peddling."

Mr Hiller said there has been times where he has cycled and nearly crashed into dogs, risking them being hurt.

He added: "I wish people would take more care. It is very dangerous."

Under UK rules, there is no blanket law requiring dogs to be kept on a lead in all public spaces, however there are a series of orders that mean you have to leash your dog in certain places in your local area.

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On the Bracknell Forest website dogs are allowed in parks and open spaces, but for health and safety reasons "dogs are not permitted in playgrounds".

The authority says: "Any dog off-lead must not jump up at strangers and must return when called by their walker or owner.

"Please keep your dog on a lead around livestock for their safety and in areas where there are likely to be ground nesting birds."

In light of Michael's claims, we asked our readers whether they also think our four-legged friends should be kept on leads.

Celine Reed said: "Yes if other people are around. Not everyone likes dogs or be approached by one."

Marc Hone said: "Dog walkers tend to go out a few times a day, early and late, when parks are not always heavily used so if quiet then no. If the parks are occupied at peak times by children then yes."

However, Sheilagh-anne Davidson thinks dog's should be allowed freedom to run in parks. She said: "Pretty crap walk if they can’t be let off to have a run around. Not everyone has a garden."

Yvonne Ceaton also agreed and said: "Shame to have keep a dog on a lead always. Surely responsible adult can spot when a dog needs to be reined in for whatever reason."