A mystery has been solved as to why 'millions' of earthworms appeared on a golf course last week.

Yes, you heard that right.

A Bracknell biologist raised concerns after witnessing what he called a 'holocaust' of dead earthworms in Wentworth Club, Ascot.

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The man who wishes to remain anonymous claims the 'millions' of earthworms were killed by a chemical ahead of Wentworth Golf Clubs international tournament last week on Monday, October 5.

He discovered the dead earthworms on the West course fairways at the golf club in Ascot.

There is a reason why there were dead earthworms, and it's not unusual.

Wentworth Club explained the golf course wasn't treated any differently.

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They went onto explain how they also have a certified status to being environmentally friendly.

A spokesman at Wentworth Club said: "The golf course was prepared in exactly the same way as usual, and we are taking the necessary steps to ascertain exactly why this has happened.

"Our ongoing commitment to sustainable golf remains a priority, and just last week received GEO Certified status which recognised Wentworth Club as one of the UK’s most environmentally responsible clubs.”