A woman has raised concerns over the 'dangerous' lack of street lighting, fearing she could fall over and hurt herself.

Michaela Jacobs from Bracknell walks to Martins Heron in the early hours of the morning to travel to Central London three times a week.

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She claims there is no street lighting on the road leading up to the station entrance nor in the car park.

Because of this, she feels she could "break an ankle" as she cannot see where she is treading due to it being pitch black.

Ms Jacobs said: "I don’t dread using the station, but it does make me very wary walking there, the actual station is well lit, it’s the bit from Whitton Road to the turning circle that’s very dark at that time.

"It is dangerous as unless a car is coming past, you can't see where you are treading and as with a lot of Bracknell, there are various uneven bits to walk over."

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The pictures by Michaela show's the Tesco delivery area being 'well lit' but the rest of the road with no lighting.

Whitton Road is also captured in the picture.

Bracknell Forest Council was asked to comment about the street lighting near Martins Heron train station.

Neil Mathews, Head of Highways and Transport said: “There are no current faults with the LED streetlights in Whitton Road. The lights remain on all through the night with a slight reduction in light levels during the early hours to save energy.

"These settings are standard for all residential streets since LED lights were first installed in 2017”.

Tesco has been asked to comment on the lighting in the car park.