BEFORE visiting anywhere, Tripadvisor is the first port of call for many.

With many of us staycationing this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, we thought we'd take a look at some of the reviews for Bracknell's most popular beauty spots and attractions.

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We've found some absolute gems and here are just a few of the reviews we thought we'd share with you.

The Lexicon

Bracknell News:

"The town is very mundane with slight covering from winter element's, covered walkways are like a wind tunnels during the winter. Wrap up extra warm during winter months.YOU WILL GET WET."

"Post apocalyptic yuk! No character, just rows of multinational retail outlets. "

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"Amazing experience out of London feels like a dream place. Worth going for a day shopping if you live in London and wants a different beautiful experience."

"What a fantastic shopping centre, as I see it is the best in the world"

Lily Hill Park

Bracknell News:

"Not sure about the wooden sculptures... maybe they'll grow on you if you give them a chance."

"It is not like it used to be in the 70s & 80s. It just feels all to over looked after and doesn't feel very adventurous anymore there are too many signs and sculptors everywhere and feels clinical and not very wild."

South Hill Park

Bracknell News:

"It is such a gem of place in the most impressive parkland setting. The gardens are also a real joy to wander through, as are the food options in the cafe. A pure jewel in Bracknell."

The Look Out Discovery Centre

Bracknell News:

"We visited yesterday in glorious sunshine for a forest walk and duly purchased a large coloured map as advertised on the website. We were almost immediately very disenchanted with it as we found the markings and legend very unclear and it was only with the help of a local photographer who knew the area well that we embarked on the Heritage Trail the first place."

"Right adjacent to a truly horrible traffic interchange, this park can hardly be called quite, nor is the air fresh."

"Uber Fit Cyclists that treat it like the Tour de France."