ONE of the top jobs at Bracknell Forest Council is up for grabs — and the salary is eye-watering!

The local authority is recruiting for its Executive Director of People position after former boss Nikki Edwards left at the end of August.

It’s a role that comes with a sizeable pay check of £167,000 a year.

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But ultimately, it is a role that comes with a lot of responsibility overseeing the council’s adult’s and children’s social care services.

In fact, it is one of only two ‘executive’ roles beneath the Chief Executive, Timothy Wheadon.

What do I have to do for £167,000?

Along with overseeing social care, the Executive Director People will be in charge of commissioning, early help and community work, education and learning and mental health services, too.

But it doesn’t stop there: the new executive director will also be in charge of housing advice, homelessness prevention, and a cross-Berkshire out-of-hours helpline service.

What sort of person is the council looking for?

Several adjectives appear in the job listing, including:

  • “Resilient”
  • “Driven”
  • “Commercial and innovative in outlook”
  • “A truly corporate player”
  • “Inspirational and motivational leader”

Candidates are also expected to have a “strong track record of service improvement” elsewhere.

How much are the council’s other top employees paid?

As you might expect, Bracknell Forest Council’s (BFC) Chief Executive is paid more than the executive directors.

This role comes with an annual salary of £180,000 to £185,000.

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According to BFC’s data library, the other executive director at the council, Executive Director for Delivery Kevin Gibbs, gets paid up to £135,000 per year.

The man in charge of the council’s finances, Stuart McKellar, pockets up to £110,000 per annum.

There are eight assistant directors at the authority, most of whom take home up to around £95,000 per year.

How does this compare to neighbouring authorities?

Wokingham Borough Council's Chief Executive takes homes up to £155,000 a year.

WBC splits its responsibility for adult's and children's social care into two jobs (both directors receive £115,000 a year).

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Head east and you will find the Chief Executive for Slough Borough Council, who gets up to £167,000 per annum.

How do I apply?

More info on the position can be found here

Closing date is Friday, October 23.